We do not conduct any form of Commerce. We do not conduct any form of Business. We do not Sell anything. 

Everything on this private member website is an exchange of sweat equity for fair remuneration.

Welcome to Unchained Remedy:

The website created as a private, members only educational association. Consisting of but not limited to:

A repository of remedies, Status correction, right to travel, council tax, mortgages and more…


A massive repository of COVID related information that is not in the main stream media

All the files you need to Bring a claim as flesh and blood wo/man against your MP for the measures that they have voted for.

A large selection of notices to help you combat the Covid related mandates.

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The Legal System
is merely a cloak

We certainly live in changing times and none more so than now. The increased pressure from a corrupted system run by psychopathic narcissists has forced many to seek protection through knowledge.

The information contain within this private members site is stored on a PRIVATE server meaning the best security we can offer members and not allow Google or any other “Big-Tech” to spy on our content.

The combined knowledge of the creators of this site (there are a few) spans many years of study, experience and tested application of the processes within.

We felt we had no option but to create this website in response to the onslaught of jack-boots in support of freedom eroding, liberty murdering thugs at the behest of those we allegedly gave permission to enslave us???

The level of judicial oppression, the hidden corporations have established a beach-head in every area of government and banks (In reality they are one of the same.) we felt it time to act against the onslaught of increasing surveillance, control and slavery.

The overwhelming need for people to find solutions requires we have pool our knowledge and resources. In addition, our remedies take into account the individuals desire to avoid confrontation where possible, as you will see.
Unchained Remedy provides you with templates, resources and information to aid in your journey of self-perpetuating freedom. Our commitment to this goal and to all our visitors and members is to create and produce the most up to date solutions or new twists on old remedies.

Over time we will build or portfolio of remedies and add it to our library of growing knowledge to be shared by those who have the resolve to do so.
Feel free to explore our website, well as much of it as you can access while a member of the public. Consider the possible benefits of gaining knowledge in areas many are unaware of and win those claims without the need to appear in court (in most cases).

Please take the time to read the “Articles of Association”.


This package is available free to all members and is designed to help you understand the great deception at play



This package is designed mainly around your inalienable rights to travel and how to deal with the departments.

Includes: FREE


This package covers your day to day lives and will help reduce the stress caused by the government noose.

Includes: Platinum +


This package is nuclear. Designed to help you take back what is rightfully yours, your sovereignty.

Includes: Plutonium +

The Power of the Law

We are not lawyers or members of the legal fraternity (thank God) and as such do NOT give legal advice, let’s be honest who the heck would want to? All information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational & educational purposes only. If you do need the services of a member of the bar you need to be sanctioned under the mental health act, in which case you will be “represented.” I am sure.


Along with a DSAR, the affidavit is probably the most powerful document you can use.


Every journey starts with a step. Your first step here is always the DSAR.


For any alleged debts of value, A forensic audit will always uncover the truth.

Solutions to help with HMRC

It's all in the

The Power of words, The chains that bind us are not around our feet or wrists, they are within and they are enforced, not by the will of others but lack of our resolve