Debt Collection Agencies

You owe them Nothing

Debt Collection Agencies are Paper Warriers.

First and foremost, they all say the same thing – “they bought the debt” – so, look at it logically, if they bought the debt, your debt is paid off. 

You have no contract or agreement with any DC Agencies.

You just need to tell them in no uncertain terms, while asking them to prove it. See Discovery page

no chain, no debt

You can prove there is no chain, or at the very least, they cannot prove that you owe them anything. And as such, there is no debt. You just need to learn to stand your ground and drop the fear.

Cut the shackles

Most Debt Collection Agencies can be dealt with in a single notice to them, asking them a few specific questions that relate to you, your data and the alleged debt.

In every case, they will back down. Their business model is buying your debt for pennies on the pound and intimidating you into paying the remaining balance. You don’t need to prove that you owe them nothing. They need to prove that you owe them something.

Debt is not a Crime

All commercial debt is unenforceable.

Don’t FEAR the parasites. Don’t speak to them on the phone. Do Not ignore them. Give them your attention in the form of a DSAR . DSAR is the language to speak to them in.

“Change the way you see things, and the things you see will change”


know your rights

If someone is making a claim against you, the onus is on them to prove you owe them whatever it is they are claiming.

Look at it this way: You borrow £100 from a friend and don’t pay it back. Your partner pays it back (ie: DCA buys the debt and pay it off), do you still owe your friend the £100, or has it been paid off? 

There is no more debt. It’s gone. The DCA does not have a claim, as there is no agreement with them. That’s as simple as is it.

This site has been designed to help with big world remedies. We try not to get involved in DCA’s to allow us to focus on bigger issues. We believe Robert from Observation Deck is leading the way with debt collection agencies and unless you wish to build your own remedy in your own time from the information throughout this site and files sections, we advise getting a copy of defusing the debt bomb.