Follow through is important

In all instances when asserting your rights or defending them, following through with what you start is imperative.  Many people would have you believe that you can send away a notice in response to a demand or claim, and this will make it magically disappear from your life never to return. This is not the case. Long gone are the days of a simple template notice ending tyranny, it now requires the final piece to the puzzle, which is you. If you do not follow through diligently with the process explained, you cannot expect the desired results.

In all instances you will send the original notice giving 28 days to respond, you will then send an opportunity to cure giving a further 14 days to respond, you will then send a notice of default, followed by an affidavit of truth, which is when you can put in your own claim to county court with your case showing the facts for summery judgment. Once you have judgement, no court can hear a case that has been already judged upon.

We cannot be responsible for your own error, however if you do find that an error made your claim fail, we will be happy to look over the case to find what went wrong.