Dealing With Self Assessment

The Great

Taxes Management Act 1970

Compulsory/Mandatory Obligation vs Legal Requirement

What Contract?

Have you ever entered into, or agreed a contract with HMRC?

Are HMRC Acting as agents?

Is there a notice of assignment? Is there a deed of assignment? Have they created a trust on your behalf and not told you?

“Liberty is the right to do what the law permits.”



Gain or benefit that is the result of another’s efforts or acts but for which that other has received no recompense, and for which the one receiving the benefit has not paid. A person who is deemed at Law to have been unjustly enriched at the expense of another is required to make restitution to the other. Restitution and unjust enrichment are modern designations for the older doctrine of quasi contracts, which are not true contracts, but are obligations created by the law when currency, property or services have been obtained by one person at the expense of another under such circumstances that in equity and good conscience he or she ought not retain it. The law then may impose a duty to pay compensation in order to prevent unjust enrichment.

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