Below is an extract from the letter we are sending to all MPs across the UK.

You can download the full document here for Northern Ireland, and here for England, Scotland and Wales
If you support what we say and agree with us, we are happy to include you in a personal follow up to this letter so that you can follow up to your own MP supporting us and writing about your personal harms suffered as a result of lockdown policy directly.

The rationale for this is to directly communicate with all MP’s to show them the true harms caused by their agreement to ongoing lockdowns. All MPs are exposed directly to the government-mandated version of events, so it is possible, albeit unlikely, the individual MPs have not seen any other evidence apart from the fraudulent evidence presented by SAGE. 

We, with your help, wish to make it absolutely clear that there is another side to this story. Which is that the “cure” is worse than any disease.

We are writing to you as extremely concerned members of the public, small business owners, and caring parents of children and/or grandchildren, intent on doing what is best to protect them, to put you on notice that we will not adhere to or respect the second national lockdown that has been announced to come into place in England on 5th November 2020.

Please take this letter as notice of this, and formal notice that we do not consent or contract to anything regarding any measures put in place by any form of legislation already existing or to be drafted and signed into place at a future date, which relates to any lockdown measures whatsoever, including social distancing and mask mandates, imposed nationally or otherwise. Our other intention in sending this letter to you is to ask if you are aware of the human cost being brought about by decisions, policies and subsequent actions, implemented since March of this year, and if you are not so aware, to share those devastating harms with you and seek your agreement to bringing them to an immediate end for the population as a whole 


Far reaching decisions taken since March have been made by those in positions of power and influence, without consultation with all members of the public whom they directly affect.   

Whilst we understand and are sympathetic to a point, that in times of apparent emergency it may be necessary for those in positions of power to make decisions quickly, we are 8 months into a situation which has been proven to have never been an actual emergency due to Covid, but instead is an emergency because of measures imposed having caused a humanitarian crisis, the devastation of which we will see for years to come.  

In your role as MP you hold an important position of influence. We have no doubt that you are in your current role out of a genuine wish to serve the public, protect them from harms, and enrich their lives.  Like us, we are sure that you are an intelligent person[GU1]  and able to comprehend complex data and hear nuanced discussion about topics vital to the wellbeing of your constituents. We are equally sure that you care deeply about those that you serve.  Unlike us you have the power to put a stop to actions which are harming people, and which are devastating communities. This important difference between us puts you in a position to now save many thousands of lives that will be lost if current measures are continued.  

We said above that the devastation being wrought on the local community, and indeed the whole of the UK, is not now because of an emergency arising from what is commonly called Covid, Coronavirus or SARS COV 2. We explain why this is the case below and include verifiable data to support our argument.   

Naturally, you will personally look at all the evidence we have supplied. In doing so we have no doubt that you will reach the same conclusions as us – that you must now take urgent action to reverse all lockdown measures, including mask wearing and lack of social contact, so that you can properly protect people and prevent further deaths.  

Evidence preamble  

Politically we constantly hear the idea that lives “saved” from COVID will not come at great cost. This is simply untrue. 

The full document can be found here for Northern Ireland, and here for England, Scotland and Wales