Covid Case

This data set will help you bring a case against your MP for covid related offences.

There is a little bit of work that you will need to do to personalise this to your own circumstances, but the bulk is done for you.

The process is as follows:

  • Initial Notice with questions under DSAR/DPA/GDPR (if applicable) & Freedom of Information (which they cant escape)
    • If your MP is making Vaccine claims, feel free to include the Vaccine questions and Doctors Liability.
    • If your challenge is against a school, include the Non Consent to Vaccination and the Doctors Liability.
  • Opportunity to Cure (based on any response (or non response) they send, but to ask the same questions again
  • Notice of Default (based on whatever remains unrebutted)
  • Final Affidavit of Truth (which will be used for judgement)
    • in this one, you can add your claim for damages under the remedy section
  • Complete either Writ (northern Ireland) or Form N208 for judgement only (England) and submit the case. Cost is £261 in Northern Ireland or £308 in England, or if you are in receipt of benefits, this should be free if you complete the “help with fees” forms.
  • Submit your case.


Covid Case