Uranium Package

This package is nuclear. Designed to help you take back what is rightfully yours, your sovereignty.

  • 1 Hour Zoom to Discuss your life goals
  • Covid Data Dump including all notices
  • Generic DSAR
  • Dealing with TV Licence
  • Council Tax
  • Bespoke DSAR
  • Court Claim with examples and judgements
  • HMRC (Self Assessment and Inheritance tax, through to claim)
  • Electricity, Water, Gas
  • HMRC Prom Note for inheritance tax
  • Private Trust
  • Mortgage DSAR and Affidavits 
  • Car finance DSAR and Affidavits
  • 1 x Forensic Audit
  • Sovereignty through to claim
  • Indemnity Bond and Offset and Discharge Bond (EXAMPLES ONLY) – FREE
  • Example claim process as a wo/man
  • Covid through to claim as a wo/man

Running along your status correction, its important to learn and understand how to stand on your sovereignty. For example, the Mortgage/Car finance above is to point you in the right direction, but your own due diligence required at all times.


Uranium Package