Not happy with the response you received from your MP about the measures in place, here’s a letter you can send them.

Well , {MP NAME}.

{keep this in if it was a short fob-off response) What can I say? Thank you, indeed, for your speedy, lengthy and well-formulated reply.

Although I can’t help by feel that you might have just done yourself the biggest disservice of your entire career. I’m not sure how you intend to climb out of this one, to be honest.

I am going to request that you answer “yes” or “no” to the following question:  were you able to read all the information in the email with all the links (one of which is a 14-page document).

I am sure a person of your level of power and intelligence will be well aware that hospitals are always near or full capacity EVERY year from October to April. This is a seasonal occurrence. If this comes as a surprise to you, let me share some stats : 

As you can see from here, from 2014 to 2019 – hospital beds have been reduced by 270, roughly 5%.

As we can see from here – hospital beds have halved over the last 30 years across the NHS

As we can see here, winter stress on the NHS is nothing new, it’s typical and winter 2017-2018 is an example where we had 65 000 excess deaths that mostly went unnoticed. We are not even close to that with COVID, yet you support these measures to shut society. The national average for occupancy was 92% throughout winter

As we can see here, the trend of hitting capacity or close to capacity is nothing new for the whole range of years. We can also see here that acute beds hardly ever drop below 90% over a full 10 years.

The same trends exist for Northern Ireland where average acute hospital beds in use sit at around 85% on any given year, so I guess the question is, knowing all of this, why have you as a government failed to prepare. You as a collective know we have respiratory issues every winter that will be compounded by the supposed virus that you keep telling us to be afraid of, yet you did nothing to prepare over the last 8 months?

If we were so overrun at the start, why were most nightigales never brought into play? Why were the hospital beds never ever at risk.

So the other question is, why the need to hide the truth. It’s a blatant lie that the hospitals are over capacity and that this is unprecedented as can be seen by the evidence, not a conspiracy, provided directly from the DoH and PHE.

Seeing as you are a public servant and I am public, I am going to ask you to do me a service:

Are all patients in acute hospitals now declared Covid-19 patients because they were all tested with 100% accurate, fit for purpose tests?

How many “covid patients” went in for something minor or routine and were force tested with an unfit for purpose test, thus bumping up the stats?

What testing is used to accurately test Covid-19 patients? What are they being tested for as there’s no documented proof of such thing as Covid-19 being isolated? (I should know, as I’m one of the thousands of people whose FOI requests into the science of Covid-19 were never satisfied)

What happened to all flu patients that usually fill the hospitals this time of the year? Where did the flu go? Did it just fly away?

Please be careful replying to the above as I already have all the information.

 As you no doubt support the government and health minister:

  1. Do you support denying vital life- saving diagnostics/treatments to patients with non-Covid-19 related conditions resulting in their untimely deaths? When the efforts of the Health Minister are meant to preserve life. What makes lives of 80+-year-olds (those who are affected by so-called Covid-19) more important than the lives of significantly younger people?
  2. Do you support the economic collapse of the hospitality, close contact and other currently quarantined industries and services they provide to the community of your constituents?
  3. Do you support decimating people’s livelihoods, pushing them to bankruptcies and trampling on their fundamental right to work and feed their families?
  4. Do you support denying children and young adults the activities vital to their mental, physical and social development?
  5. Do you support denying families their fundamental right for family life?
  6. Do you support denying people their fundamental right to assembly and association?
  7. Do you support denying people their fundamental right to make choices pertaining to their own health?
  8. Do you support locking up residents in nursing homes denying them the last things that are left to live for: contact with their loved ones?
  9. Do you support forcing masks and hand sanitisers that are scientifically proven to be detrimental to both physical and mental health?
  10. Do you support forcing Covid testing which is yet another breach of Nuremberg code?
  11. Do you support rising numbers of suicides as a direct result of Covid-19 life-saving measures?

Because, by support “Covid-Uber-Alles” you are also supporting the above.

I have loads more “do you support” questions but I am afraid, judging by our previous correspondence, your attention span might run out before I finish asking them.

Eagerly awaiting your response.


{your name}