Evidence your Sovereignty

The system is designed to have the remedy.  The journey is yours alone to travel. YOU have to be willing to follow it through. It’s not designed to be easy, but its there, should you want freedom from servitude.


April 2021

Sovereign: a)one possessing or held to possess supreme political power or sovereignty. b) one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere.

You – Beneficiary (position of no liability to the ALL CAPS NAME):

State or subsidiaries – Trustee or agents thereof (position of FULL liability to the ALL CAPS NAME): 

Anyone else, Private for-Profit Corporations touting for business: attempting to have you claim the name placing yourself in the position of FULL liability to their claim:

Status Correction

We at Unchained Remedy do offer our sweat equity should this be required to evidence your status correctly, and offer the backup to follow through learning how to stand on this with support, but we do like to hear that others have put in the time and learned enough to inform those needing to hear just who they are and are always interested to hear genuine success stories.

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Lets talk Status.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how do I become sovereign. Well, you don’t. You already are sovereign; you just don’t know it.
The correct question would be how do I evidence my sovereign Status. Sovereignty is a matter of fact, what you are really doing is evidencing that you are a living breathing flesh and blood sentient man or woman in a world that will not only presume you are a fictional dead entity, but refuse to accept the facts that you now wish to evidence.
For that, there is something required, that would be your effort in learning who you are, and standing on that.

This system has ministers that have an obligation of office and a remit of duty to handle the affairs of the people as their Trustee’s. The very fact that they handle it to their own benefit, or should I say the benefit of others is just human nature (not that I am condoning it).
So how do you combat this? First of all, you would put the time in to comprehend that a trust is in play, who you are within the trust, and who else has positions within the trust, and what those positions are. Knowledge is power.

You are the Beneficiary

With just the knowledge of who is who, you should be starting to comprehend the fact that you are the authority, if you know who you are, and do not unknowingly swap positions with the parasite in question, accepting the position of liability (Trustee):

Once you have the ability to stand on this knowledge, you should then evidence it to key Principles of the Corporate Government, the Church (who believe they own your soul), and the judiciary. The way we do this is by affidavit of truth. This affidavit is comprehensive, evidencing who you are to the church, and not the dead entity legal fiction. A revocation of all contracts, evidencing any and all contracts are null and void, a notice of intent (your terms and conditions) evidence of the crimes committed while denying your rights, and evidencing that which you believe to be fair remedy to the situation. For me to explain how and what I write here and now would not help anyone who does not comprehend what I am saying, so if you do wish to evidence your status yourself, we would recommend putting plenty of effort into comprehending what you are doing, and evidencing it at the level of comprehension that you have, this way, you do know what you have said, and can stand on it with your knowledge. You can always send further notices later as your knowledge advances, I have: But please do remember, this is not just writing a notice to a debt collector, so ensure you know what you are writing, and do not make any claims without offering the evidence with it.

Let no man stand between you and your creator

You may not remember, but you were born into this world of your creator with no man in between. Where did this entity called government receive your consent, and can they evidence that you gave it to them? The reason informed consent is a thing, is exactly that, you have rights. So they inform you before gaining it (one way or the other), they have thousands of web pages informing you. Way too much to read, so you don’t, but they still informed you, and hold no liability for full disclosure being too much for you to read. Here lies your consent. If the government say you must have a licence and follow the rules, and you do not stand on your rights and inform them otherwise, that would be tacit agreement. If the government said you must have a licence and you go and get a licence, that is your express consent to be governed by the terms of the licence. You did not need a licence as you always had the right, and you needed to tell them this, but you gave up those rights for a set of rules. This is how they have tricked a world, and this is the power you have to learn to take back if you do not wish to be held as a consenting person under your tacit, or express consent.

UCC -Uniform Commercial Code

We do not advocate anyone outside of America attempting to use UCC. We do not advocate anyone in Briton using Magna Carta. Article 61 or otherwise, none will set you free. UCC is American, it was created for interstate commerce. Nothing at all to do with anyone outside America. Magna Carta has been ruled against so many times and never to my knowledge been ruled for in a corporate UK court room, I can speak for myself being in England, more than too many over here are falling for both of these distractions, so if you come to us with this in mind, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you need to re-evaluate what sovereignty is, and what you really wish to achieve. You are the power and authority in your life, and you need to tell them just that. In any way you can.

For this reason, we cannot and will not walk anyone through this by email or by messages, there are so many teaching and advocating wrong processes, that to do it right, you have to unlearn that which is laid out to catch you, mixing sovereignty with UCC or magna carta would be fatal to the process that you wish to follow, and those that advocate this are dangerous and leading you into a huge load of trouble. Beware of those who have seen something, so believe they can teach it to you with their warped mixed up immature need to pass on everything they hear as truth in this wonky world.

Ensure that you are totally truthful, making sure you evidence that acts/statues/codes etc, only apply to consenting persons. Halsburys laws of England said it best. ‘Statute‘ is legally defined as: “A legislative rule of society given the force of law by the consent of the governed. The key word being consent.

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.”

henry ward beecher


There is nothing in life more certain than death and taxes, and trusts can be used to plan for both. Ever since the days of its predecessor, the medieval ‘use’, the trust has been employed to separate beneficial enjoyment of an asset in order to escape taxes charged on benefits, and duties charged on formal ownership. 

If an owner of a property wishes to settle it on trust to avoid tax, HM Revenue & Customs is very astute to spot an attempt by the settlor to reserve a beneficial interest for himself and any attempt to reserve control might also be construed as a taxable reservation of benefit. The distinct difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is that tax evasion is criminal financial planning carried out to avoid tax payments, whereas tax avoidance is legitimate financial estate planning carried out to prevent tax falling due in the first place. 

Courts frequently exercise their statutory power to approve schemes for the variation of beneficial interests under trusts even where the purpose of the schemes is the avoidance of tax. Its perfectly permissible to arrange one’s affairs so as to reduce one’s tax burden.

Trust Property

A trust asset does not have to be a tangible thing such as a plot of land or a book; it can be an intangible asset such as a debt, a trademark, or the right to the proceeds of an insurance policy. Of course, even in the case of a book or a plot of land, the true asset is not the thing itself, but the intangible right to benefit from the use and enjoyment of the thing. Usually, the trust property consists of a number of different assets that together make up a fund. Eventually, the trust fund must be distributed to the beneficiaries  or the proceeds of the sale of the fund must be distributed, but in the meantime the fund must be managed and invested.

We offer Ready Made Private Trusts where you can evidence any and all assets and thus protect them.

Creating a Trust vs Gifting

Let’s say for example you have a book you want to gift to your grandchild. All you need to do is transfer possession of the book, in circumstances which indicate that an absolute gift is intended. Words such as ‘Happy Birthday, this book is for you’ words will suffice. 

Transferring possession of an ordinary moveable asset is sufficient to transfer legal title and where an absolute gift is intended. The transfer of legal title also has the effect of conferring the exclusive right to the beneficial use and enjoyment of the asset on the transferee. 

In contrast, transfer of legal title to a transferee to hold on trust for someone else has the quite different effect of constituting the transferee a trustee of the property for the designated beneficiary. A related distinction between an absolute gift and a trust is that it is possible to create a trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries who, because of some legal incapacity  such as infancy or mental illness, cannot take an absolute interest in the asset in question.

Land, for example, cannot be held absolutely by any person under the age of 18, but it is possible to transfer land to a competent adult to hold on trust for an infant.