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“The liability order is not in itself an actual document. It is a legal term, a decision by the court confirming that the money is owed” – IE: Without an actual Liability Order, there is no liability


April 2021

A council is not a Court, nor does it have such powers to act as a Court pursuant

The Local Government Act 1888 at section 78: Construction of Acts referring to business transferred. Subsection 2; Provided that the transfer of powers and duties enacted by this Act shall not authorise any county council or any committee or member thereof—(a) to exercise any of the powers of a court of record, or(b) to administer an oath, or(c) to exercise any jurisdiction under the Summary Jurisdiction Acts, or perform any judicial business, or otherwise act as justices or a justice of the peace. They are a purported trustee … and if they are in Bankruptcy a purported trustee’s application to obtain possession upon the Beneficiary’s property, on behalf of their racketeering Council partners, will fail… more to the point, where exactly in the legislation does it read that it is mandatory anyway?

First and foremost, if you have an issue with bailiffs, or believe you will have, you should consider a private trust to protect your assets.

Bailiff Related case Law

If the bailiffs/receivers continue hassling you:

  • Lock up everything and keep it locked, do not let the vampires in.
  • Don’t leave your car for them to mess with.
  • Park it on a friends drive, hide it.
  • Film them through the window
  • If you’ve signed anything make a note at the bottom of it stating you’ve been coerced, UNDER DURESS (Sign it with VC before your name) and through fear.
  • Tell them you’ve got legal advice and will be complaining about them formally, through an EAC2 (below) and will make a claim against their bond and seek to have their licence revoked for coercion, bullying, aggravated trespass.