There’s never been a doubt in my mind that COVID-19 is man made contagion to suit someone’s agenda to reset the word’s economies and a way of life.

A major reshuffle designed by the “ruling few” to establish more control over the masses.

If this had been a natural pandemic there couldn’t have been a worse way for the world leaders to have handled it. It makes zero sense that the governments would willingly allow their countries to descend into the depths of recession in order to protect the minority of the population that is either retired, sick or disabled. Why would they want to fixate on those that not only don’t contribute but take away from the economy in the form of pensions, medical bills or disability benefits? Increased pension age, benefits cuts, NHS cuts….. all proof of the system’s constant attempts to tackle the above mentioned “problems”.

Well the subtle measures haven’t worked as there’s more and more every year joining the ranks of the retired, unfit to work thanks to vague mental disabilities being recognised as “proper and legit” and the sick thanks to chronic overindulgent lifestyles. Every generation is born is sicker and less intelligent due to bad genetics gifted to them by their parents. Fewer and fewer of these kids will grow up to take on jobs and more and more will join a life social reliance for basic survival, hence less and less funds will go into the tax pot to support the retired, sick and disabled as there will be less working able people. The cycle is complete.

The simple solution our World Leaders devised is to save that minority % that puts a massive drain on society from the “pot” but destroy the World’s economy so that the able healthy working taxpaying majority can’t do their jobs and earn themselves and everyone else a living?! – read this again and let it sink in.

We can’t and should not protect our “vulnerable” this way.

The minority should protect and isolate themselves so that that the majority can continue working to support them.

Christmas time is the famous “death season” when thousands die each year from flu and respiratory issues. And that’s happening with vaccination. But no-one stays at home and no one is concerned about the vulnerable. Tissues and Lempsip at the ready and life goes on. Just recently a known brand of cold medicine was promoted to take in order to be able to go out in public and do all your favourite things!

But I digress.

All governments of all times have always seen the minorities as collateral for the wellbeing and the greater good of the vast majorities. What they are doing now makes NO sense at all. The healthy working majority are the pillars of the world. They need to function to keep the world going.

After quarantine the able working tax paying will be responsible for extra taxation, a massive % of them will have received nothing at all in support from the states, but will still be expected to pay it back, some will never recover and will go bankrupt, their blood and sweat built livelihoods taken away from them leaving nothing but debt. The resentment towards the retired, sick and disabled will take seed and grow in their frustrated minds. It’s a human trait to pass blame and it takes one strong megalomaniac to finally voice that blame and people will listen and they will follow. Because they will be ripe. It happened before, it will happen again. It will be as quick as this virus, maybe faster. Just think how it took no time at all to convince folks that toilet paper was the most precious commodity available…..  Yeah, that quick. Or that clapping sessions for NHS were of use to anyone.

World wide Quarantine is absolute overkill & downright evil, and in some cases will be murder, for a virus with extremely low mortality rates.  If common sense failed where it should have routinely prevailed then it’s because it was planned that way. The question is: “what exactly is the plan?”

Whatever it is we are the marionettes and our strings will continue to be pulled by those who wrote the script to the play called Life on Earth.

COVID-19 is a test run to see how it will pan out and what people can be forced to do in the aftermath.

It’s too weak to be used for a population cull. I’m pretty sure they’ve got the likes of the Bubonic plague or Ebola-on-steroids stashed in their Petri dishes for that purpose.

Perhaps inferior viruses will be used in the future to tackle the numbers of “ballast” of the society hoping the wave will also wash over a few of the “billion” nations like China (the biggest growing economy and a massive threat in world market dominance) Also India, Asia and African countries with uncontrollable “breeding in poverty” issues, no sanitation, AIDs & so on. Perhaps this is what’s planned for the time being until drastic measures need to be put in place. A test run of sorts.

Most likely chemical and genetic sterilisation will have to be put to use to reduce the numbers of the poor and religiously indoctrinated masses of the above-mentioned nations who just won’t listen otherwise and keep literally  “breeding in the sewers”. Perhaps their governments will be overthrown to put a “rational white man” in charge. Who knows. I’m sure when they want our opinions, they will give them to us.

The world has been messed up for quite some time and needs to change in order to sustain itself.

I can’t speak for the 3d world as I`ve only ever been a tourist there but I’ve closely watched how things are done in the UK and particularly the uneven distribution of large public funds in NHS. The social benefits system is broken and there are easy logical fixes that can be done to make a society live by the Law of Common sense. As a former residential carer on a zero-hour contract and also a relative of someone in receipt of carer`s allowance I have been able to observe the misuse of funds in the NHS and Benefits system.  For example, there’s no money in the NHS because of a single near vegetative state patient living in his/her home costs NHS on average £150 000 + pa in carer’s benefit, hoist and such residential equipment and maintenance, day centre fees, daily staff (2 people at any given time), respite and holiday costs, specialised daily transport, medical procedures designed for “special needs” and therefore double the price and time. When a responsible kin/carer of this patient stays at home and is allowed to also work from home a certain amount of hours for a certain income without it affecting the carer’s allowance.  Meanwhile, the patient that the aforementioned kin “cares for “spends every day in a day centre being woken, washed dressed, toileted by 2 members of staff, picked up by a specialised bus, looked after by 2 staff all day in a day centre, transported back home, fed, washed and put into bed by 2 staff. A huge cost to the NHS could be cut by this patient living in a specialised care facility with others of the same standing (where he spends most of his waking hours anyway) and his kin could go to work and pay some tax into the system to keep their loved one alive.

I won’t even speak about the abuse of the benefits system by the Benefit street residents. This can be easily fixable by giving benefits in food stamps or supermarket restricted vouchers and essential services as opposed to cash which can be “prioritised” by those in receipt for designer clothes, cigarettes, alcohol, holidays and other luxuries that hard-working folk struggle to afford. Common sense says that benefit system is designed to HELP, not INDULGE. Once this is addressed more people will be encouraged to work more and breed less.

There are simple solutions to almost everything out there that would ease the tax burden on the working classes and provide for a much fairer society, where people don’t feel bitter towards the have-nots.

And of course, the extortionate wages and benefits higher government officials and inconsequential functionaries receive….. a great example that applies right now during all of this COVID stuff – Stelios taking a £60M dividend in one hand and asking for a bailout and help with the other, and the Governments indulge and discuss this.

Building a fairer healthier and happier society can only start when good old COMMON SENSE is put to use.