Private Equitable Trusts

Absolute Ownership

A person who is solely and absolutely entitled to an asset is entitled to the exclusive and unrestricted right to possess, use and otherwise enjoy the asset for his own benefit (he is even at liberty to abuse and destroy it). Subject only to limitations imposed by statute as a matter of public policy and limitations imposed to take account of the rights of others to enjoy the assets they own absolutely.

When a settlor creates a trust, he is free to define the obligations of the trustees and the entitlement of the beneficiaries as he sees fit. Subject only to limitations imposed for reasons of public policy. If he desires that the trustees should be bound to care for part only of the trust fund, he may so provide.


Protecting your Legacy

Maybe you already found trust technology and went to seek legal advice on such complicated matters. Your solicitor/lawyer no doubt sold you a public trust at a huge cost. You will note on those documents, the one you trust to deal with these matters usually intertwine themselves into your trust in a beneficiary position, sometimes as the sole beneficiary, and then have you pay them on a yearly basis to keep the trust operating. The position of beneficiary is a position only for the ones you wish to benefit from the trust. 

Do you see where I am going here?

Your legal representative would undoubtedly have informed the tax man of the trust and its assets within, maybe you do not want anyone to know what you are protecting, this is why they will never tell you about the power of a privately expressed trust.


An Unchained Remedy private equitable trust will stand in law until the trustee collapses it, there is no need to repeatedly pay us for continued peace of mind, a one time remuneration is all that is required for your trust to be constructed on your behalf, nominating the beneficiary’(ies) and trustees that you chose and decide their positions within the trust depending on who and what you choose of your trust.

A family trust is an excellent way of protecting your assets/property from many terrible fates.

If you are preparing your Last Will and Testament, maybe you are concerned that inheritance tax will cripple your loved ones financially and they would have to sell your family home to cover the cost of the dreaded tax man.

The Trustee has a fiduciary duty as the Legal Title owner, whilst the Beneficiary has the use and possession as the Equitable Title holder.

Why Private?

We have also heard of legal representatives telling their clients that the assets within their public trust may not go to the ones you are expecting them to. 
A private equity trust that has been constructed by Unchained Remedy will be set in stone, just one simple remuneration will have your trust constructed for life, or until you decide to collapse the trust, and the beneficiaries that you appoint will be benefiting in just the manner you set out, you will always be the settlor of the trust and set the law within the trust with no outside interference.


You are in Control

We at Unchained Remedy will construct a private equitable trust on your behalf, which we will not take a position in. This is your trust and the ones you nominate and trust, or ultimately wish to benefit from your assets will fill the only positions within this trust.

"Equity aids the vigilant, not those who slumber on their rights."

What you need to know

A family trust is a smart way to protect your family’s assets, maybe your child is entering adulthood and you are worried they are not completely financially savvy, of course you want to protect not only them, but yourselves from the ramifications of youthful verve and maybe a tad of that irresponsibility most of us dipped into at some point of our life.

We at Unchained Remedy fully understand the need to protect our assets, you most likely do too, but nothing can throw the unexpected into our lives like our offspring, and having a family trust in place is not only a great way of protecting against the unforeseen, but also a clever decision that you will be passing on through your generations ahead, as your loving children will have a lifetime of benefits and experience to pass the knowledge on to their offspring, After all, knowledge is power and that is all that separates men from kings.

You can trust Unchained Remedy to ring-fence your assets and make them untouchable by anyone you do not wish to have access to them.

Trust technology is a rich man’s game, do you ever wonder why the wealthy seem to be untouchable and accumulate more wealth even when making bad business decisions and deals, well that will be their knowledge in private trusts protecting them by creating a shield around themselves and their assets.

This technology is not just for the super wealthy, it is available to all who care about asset protection, from your diamond ring to your castle, Unchained Remedy will secure your assets with a private equitable trust and you can sleep well in full knowledge that once we have constructed your trust, 

Private and Secure

Once Unchained Remedy has constructed your private equity trust, whatever assets/possessions that you place within the trust will be locked away safe from any legal attachment and will remain in your hands or the ones you choose, no matter what circumstances or eventualities may occur.

Your assets are safe, and the next time you hear from us, will be when and if you decide to contact us, we will not bother you or ask for any trust maintenance fees.

We will be here to offer our services for any changes you wish to make to your trust at any time in the future, after all, life is fluid and can change in a moment, adding or removing beneficiaries/trustees, and assets are services we provide to give you long lasting peace of mind that yours and your families futures are protected by one of the most powerful trusts there are.

Contact Unchained Remedy to discuss us constructing your personalized private equity trust to allow you to concentrate on what is happening in your life and not worry about what may happen.


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One of our specialist Private Trust partners will be in contact for an initial consultation to discuss what assets will become the property for the Private Trust and who the 3 parties will be


Preparation of documents

If you are happy to proceed, your dedicated Private Trust partner will commence writing your draft Private Trust and will be emailed to you for approval 


Sent via Recorded Delivery

Your Private Trust will be sent via recorded delivery, which must be signed by the Settlor & Trustee. Once signed, take a photo or scan so you have both digital and paper copies

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